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  • Trech Backfiller

    Product Overview

    The Skid Steer Trech Backfiller can cover 60' (18.3 m) of open trench in 60 seconds that makes back filling freshly dug trenches a quick and efficient job. It eliminates tearing of the turf because the skid steer can straddle the trench and cover it in one pass. Available in rleft offset model. The trench filler is a necessary tool for large back filling jobs. Complete with hoses and flat face couplers.


    Item Parameter

    450 lbs

    Overall Width

    70 in

    3 Working Width 54 in
    4 Auger Diameter 12 in
    5 Overall Height 23.6 in
    6 Hydraulic Flow Required 6 to 20 gpm
    7 Trench Position Left Off Set