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  • Rock Roller

    Product Overview

    Our Industrial Series Rock Roller attachment is excellent for removing rocks from soil. This unit has a heavy duty universal skid steer mounting plate that is 1" thick for durability. It also uses a heavy duty direct drive motor with a 3" dia spindle with 8,000 lbs capacity on hub. The rods are 1" in diameter and can handle over a ton of material per scoop and screen rock from 2" - 30" dia. The drum turns at a rate of 16 times per minute. Simply scoop, spin, and the rock is picked clean. Made of heavy duty steel and engineered with high quality and built to last the average contractor or farmer a life time. Farmers can now pick rocks with ease, picking tough rocks that are barely visible. Simply scoop, spin, and the rock is picked clean. The Rock Picker is versatile and can be used by landscapers with freshly cleared lots, picking tree stumps, pieces of wood, rocks, tin cans, hub caps and any other debris in its way. Junk yards and recycle yards can use the Rock Picker to clean debris keeping sites clean.


    Item Parameter

    683 lbs

    Height Overall (Drum Dia)

    30 in

    3 Drum Width 30 in
    4 Drum Length 39 in
    5 Length Overall 53 in
    6 Rock Size 2 in to 30 in
    7 Spin Direction One Way
    8 Total Material Capacity Rating 900 lbs
    9 Drive Motor 10-20 gpm
    10 Hub & Spindle 3 in Dia | 8,000 lbs capacity
    11 Drum Rods: 1 in dia
    12 Hub Plate 1 in Thick
    13 Hub & Spindle 16 rpm