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  • Bale Squeeze Hydraulic Adjustable

    Product Overview

    The  Skid Steer Bale Squeeze Hydraulic Adjustable Attachment is for anyone moving and stacking large quantities of hay on the farm or ranch. The Bale Squeeze Hydraulic Adjustable hay bale squeezer supports twin cylinders that give it a lifting capacity of 2,400 Lbs. The two cylinders gives the bale squeezer a stronger holding capacity and is able to stack two bales of hay at a time. With the design of this hay bale squeezer, you can pick up wrapped hay bales two at a time without tearing or puncturing the plastic. Bale Squeeze Hydraulic Adjustable bale grabber with universal quick release hitch will fit front end loaders or skid steers with the universal hitch. The ideal tool to handle loading and movement of round hay bales or silage bags. This tool minimizes damage to bales and allows the bales to be stacked better.


    Item Parameter

    465 lbs

    Pack Size/unit L*W*H

    55*48*40 in

    3 Maximum opening 80 in
    4 Minimum opening 36 in
    5 Maximum load capacity 2400 lbs