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  • Hay Accumulator Grapple

    Product Overview

    The Skid Steer Hay Accumulator Grapple is the most efficient attachment out there for collecting square hay bales. It allows you to gather 8-10 square bales at a time and transport them quickly and easily with your skid steer.Then use the grapple to lift, load and off load to a trailer. You can also use the hay accumulator to stack hay up in the fields for later pick up. It can also be used to stack hay in big barns or buildings.


    Item Parameter

    760 lbs

    Pack Size/unitL*W*H

    92 88 25 in

    3 Bale Capacity 8-10 Square Bales
    4 Cylinder 2 x 6 in
    5 Hooks Diameter 9 in
    6 Number of Hooks 24
    7 Standard hay bale size Best Size 14″x18″x39″
    8 Standard hay bale weight 40 lbs