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  • Grader

    Product Overview

    The Grader Blade attachment can turn your skid steer into a high-performance grading machine. It features a 96" wide blade, control box for in-cab hydraulic control of angle and tilt, and a replaceable cutting edge. Also features a electromagnetic valve  to gradually adjust the blade height, angle and tilt. It is ready to accept a laser control system for perfect grading.


    Item Parameter

    740 lbs

    Pack Size/unit L*W*H

    98*98*46 in

    3 Bolt On Cutting Edge Optional
    4 Moldboard Width 95.5 in
    5 Moldboard Height 15 in
    6 Moldboard Rotation Left & Right ±25°
    7 Moldboard Tilt Up or Down ±25°
    8 Hydraulic Blade Adjustments Tilt / Angle / Height
    9 Grader Control Valve Electric Solenoid Operated