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  • Double Discharge Concrete Mixer

    Product Overview

    The Double Discharge Concrete Mixer is a heavy duty skid steer mounted concrete mixer that allows you to scoop up the material, mix it on the go and then dispense the material in different methods. A manual side chute allows the operator to efficiently dispense the concrete from the side of the attachment. It also has a hydraulically operated center chute with a dispenser hose that gives the operator even more flexibility to place the material anywhere. The center chute not only lets you dispense concrete but it also works as a sand bag filler. You can also just pour the finished batch out the front of the mixer in one big pour.


    Item Parameter

    765 lbs.

    Flow Range

    11 - 22 gpm

    3 Max Pressure 2900 PSI
    4 Hoses 3/8" - 3500 PSI
    5 Volume 66  Gallons/250 L
    6 Drive Base Chain and Sprocket Drive
    7 Height 32"
    8 Width of Hopper 58 "
    9 Depth 26 in
    10 Max Aggregate Size 1.25" Diameter