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  • Bale grapple

    Product Overview

    If you own a farm, ranch, acreage or just find yourself offloading, loading and handling hay bales all of the time, a Bale grapple fitted on a skid steer loader can get the job done fast for you. Move quickly and rely on the Bale Grapple when it's time to start baling. For the best performance when it comes to bailing, the Bale Grapple features a large jaw opening, and curved tine that penetrate bales with minimal damage.


    Item Parameter

    500 lbs 



    3 Height 30.8"
    4 Depth 40.8"
    5 Bucket Tines 5
    6 Tine Thickness 4"
    7 Number of Grapple Teeth 3 - 4
    8 Space Between Grapple Teeth 18.4"
    9 Grapple Jaw Opening 60.6"
    10 Recommended Loader Capacity Greater than 2,400lbs
    11 Steel Surcharge Yes