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  • Artculating Brush Cutter

    Product Overview

    The Articulating Skid Steer Brush Cutter Attachment is designed for cutting banks, fence lines, and right of ways. It also is an excellent choice for clearing pond banks and cutting trails. With a reach of 96” when extended horizontally and a vertical reach of sixteen feet or more (depending on the reach height of your machine). This brush cutter will also swing to the right 90° and can be used as a side cutter. A range of hydraulic flow of 14-20 gpm is required. Come with In-Cab Universal Electrical Attachment Control Kit .


    Item Parameter

    1100 lbs

    Hydraulic Flow Required

    14-20 gpm

    3 Cutting Blades (AR400 Grade Steel) 2 Blades
    4 Material Cutting Up to 5 in dia
    5 Deck Width (Overall) 48 in
    6 Cutting Width 42 in
    7 Height at 90° 56.5 in
    8 Length 93 in
    9 Forward Reach 93 in
    10 Vertical Reach (Varies by Loader) 254 in
    11 Max Swing Degree 90°
    12 Max Head Curl Degree 125°
    13 Max Head Tilt Degree 35°