How to Connect a Skid Steer to a Trencher Attachment

1220, 2023
Skid Steer loaders are one of the most versatile machines you can use on any residential or commercial earthmoving project. They have more than enough power to deal with any project requirements you have. Combine this machine with a trencher attachment and you’ve got yourself a skid steer that can handle trenching duties no matter the type of terrain.

Now you may be thinking, ‘Well that’s great and all, but how do I attach the trencher attachment to my skid steer?”

Connecting a Skid Steer to a Trencher Attachment
In this blog, we will be stepping you through how to attach a trencher attachment safely and effectively in order to complete your project.
Lay the trencher attachment on a flat surface, making sure the blade is facing opposite you.
Get in the skid steer and line up the machine with the backing plate of the trencher attachment.
Once the backing plate is lined up, move the boom upwards which will allow the trencher backplate to connect to the skid steer.
Once the trencher is connected, you’ll then need to lift up the roll bar and connect the locking pins which are two levers on either side of the attachment (these locking pins will keep the trencher attached to the skid steer).
Once these levers are pushed down, lower the trencher attachment onto the surface below.
For the trencher attachment to function, there are hydraulics that need to be connected (these connections can be on either side of the skid steer. Do this now, making sure you line up the connections properly.
Once all these steps are completed, you’re ready to take on your trenching project.

Disconnecting a Skid Steer from a Trencher Attachment
Now once you complete your project, you may need to take this attachment off for transportation purposes. These steps will be explained below:
Start by first lowering the trencher attachment onto a flat surface.
Lift up the two levers on either side of the trencher attachment, releasing the locking pins. This will allow the attachment to be easily taken off the skid steer.
On the side of the skid steer where you first put in the hydraulic connections, press the button on top. This button will release the pressure built up within the connections and make for easy removal.
Once the pressure has been released, make sure you line up the hydraulic connections before removing. Then simply pull these hydraulics out from their connection point. 
When all these steps have been completed, drive the skid steer out slowly to disconnect the trencher attachment from the machine.

The steps above relate to most models of skid steers and trencher attachments but depending on the size of your skid steer and the trencher attachment’s size, there may be a few more steps required.